Street Maintenance

Street Maintenance

The Street Maintenance Department has after-hours on-call personnel to handle any type of street maintenance emergency you may have.  When problems arise Monday - Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm call 919-742-4732.  For any type of emergency after hours please call the Police Department at 919-742-5626.  The dispatcher will contact the on-call personnel.


The Street Maintenance Department maintains approximately 34.01 miles of city streets based on the Powell Bill Map.  This department employs 9 people to perform maintenance.  Street construction maintenance consists of the following components but not limited to:


1.       Repairing potholes

2.       Cutting and trimming tree limbs and overgrowth

3.       Removing obstructions from roadways causing danger to traffic such as trees, flooding, or debris from accidents

4.       Sidewalk maintenance

5.       Cleaning ditches and storm drains

6.       During the warmer months the Town maintains the mowing of the cemetery and other Town maintained buildings including the Town's street right-of-ways

7.       Yard waste collection for limbs, brush, leaves weeds, garden/ flower cuttings and grass:

a.       The collection of tree trimmings shall include nothing more than 6" in diameter and 6' in length

b.       Tree trimmings larger than 2-1/2" in diameter must be trimmed and cut into lengths of not more than 30"

c.       Brush must be piled so that the butt ends are together and in the same direction 

d.       Disorganized piles will not be picked up

e.       Leaves and grass must be placed in plastic bags except during the time that the vacuum leaf collection truck is in operation

f.         When the leaf truck is in operation leaves may be raked to the street for collection

g.       Leaf collection begins in late October and continues until late January

h.       This department has the capability to run two vacuum trucks during the heaviest period of collection

i.         After the deadline ends for leaf pickup, leaves must be bagged for removal by Town forces.

8.       Discarded appliances such as ovens, refrigerators, washer, dryers, furniture or other similar items may be placed at the curb side were the Town will collect them on a once a week basis

9.       Town removes snow and ice using the following guidelines and procedures:

a.       All Town streets not maintained by the Department of Transportation

b.       Parking lots for Town facilities


Operations Superintendent


Joey Smith

Superintendent Hours – 7:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. (Monday – Friday)