Spring Cleanup Campaign

Each Spring the Town of Siler City offers  two weeks to rid your yard and home of unwanted trash and junk that has accumulated.

You are asked to concentrate your efforts on cleaning up exterior visible debris in order to enhance the appearance of your neighborhood.

This would include loose papers, cans, bottles, broken toys, discarded tools, discarded pieces of furniture, overflowing trash containers, and other rubbish, even tires – but no hazardous wastes ( used motor oil, drain cleaner, pesticides, etc.).

A Town trash truck will travel through the half of town east of the railroad tracks one week and through the half west of the railroad tracks on the second week to collect items placed next to the street.

You are requested to continue to use the green rollout cart already provided each household for recyclable materials such as newspapers, glass bottles and jars, plastic drink containers, and tin and aluminum cans.

Please help us, also, to clean up street, roadside, and streams’ litter.

Many streets in our town become unsightly due to discarded paper, plastic, styrofoam, metal, and glass containers carelessly thrown about.

If we all pitch in, we can rid our town of the trash and litter that not only looks ugly, but also contributes to health hazards.

We hope we can count on you for help and cooperation.

Cleanliness and pride go hand in hand.

Let’s all pitch in to help!!