Building Integrated Communities Project (BIC)

The Siler City Building Integrated Communities Project (Siler City BIC) is a two-year collaboration between the Town of Siler City, The Hispanic Liaison/El Vínculo Hispano, and the statewide Building Integrated Communities program at UNC-Chapel Hill. Siler City BIC is a community planning project, which means that community members and government staff are working together to develop town plans. The goals are to:

  • Share and build knowledge about Siler City’s foreign-born and Hispanic/Latinx residents
  • Develop strategies for improving relationships and supporting foreign-born and Hispanic/Latinx residents
  • Increase resident participation and leadership in local government


  • Siler City BIC Action Plan for Immigrants Integration:

Click to check the Action Plan for Siler City


  • Plan de acción BIC para la integración de los inmigrantes en Siler City:

Consulte aquí el plan de acción para Siler City