Paul Braxton Gymnasium

115 South Third Avenue 

Paul Braxton Gymnasium is located at Paul Braxton Park. Siler City Parks and Recreation offers various program, activities and rental opportunities at the gym and the facility features an indoor basketball court, bleachers and restrooms. Rental information of the gym can be found below. Please see facility amenities, programs, and important rules and regulations below. To view more parks in Siler City, click here.

Facility Amenities: 
    • Indoor Basketball Court
    • Bleachers 
    • Restrooms
Park Rules & Regulations:
    • No weapons are allowed on park premises
    • No vehicle maintenance on park premises
    • Food and drinks are allowed in Paul Braxton Gym
    • No glass containers
    • No alcoholic beverages or illegal substances
    • All program participants must sign in/out each day
    • No one group may control the court, players will be rotated after each game
    • Participants 12 and younger must be accompanied by any adult 18+ years of age at all times
    • No organized team practices during open gym program
    • No kicking and throwing balls against the wall or ceilings
    • No dunking/hanging on basketball nets
    • No pets allowed inside the gym
    • No remote-control devices
    • No skateboards, roller-skates, etc.
    • No inappropriate language, behavior, or clothing permitted
    • No alcohol, smoking, loud or offensive music
    • Gym Site Supervisor has the right to ask anyone to leave the facility
    • No outside tables or chairs may be brought into the facility 
Programs/Leagues @ Paul Braxton Gymnasium
    • Summer Open Gym
    • Open Homeschool Recess 
    • Youth Basketball League
Gym Rental Information
    • Paul Braxton Gymnasium is available for rentals and reservations. The gymnasium can be rented in City Hall (311 N Second Avenue) or online by clicking here.
    • The rental fee for Paul Braxton Gym is $25 per hour with a $75 refundable deposit.
    • To view our Facility and Field Rental Information, please click here.

Questions? Contact Siler City Parks & Recreation at (919) 742-2699 or email