Leaf Collection Schedule

Loose leaf collection normally begins in November and ends in mid January.

Persons living on the north-side of Raleigh Street will receive a leaf pick-up on Monday through Friday in the first week.

Persons living on the south-side of Raleigh Street will receive a leaf pick-up starting the next week.

Leaves should be placed in neat piles at the edge of the street (NOT IN THE STREET) where they will be accessible to the vacuum machine.

Foreign objects such as sticks, rocks, and trash must be removed from the loose leaves and piled separately for later collection.

To avoid damage to the leaf vacuum, leaves containing foreign objects will not be picked up.

Please Do Not Bag Leaves While Loose Leaf Collection Program is in Progress.


FINAL PICK UP: MONDAY, JANUARY 23, 2023---no later than 7:00am.

The Town of Siler City's loose-leaf collection program is drawing to a close.  Those persons desiring a loose-leaf collection should place them at the street side no later than 7:00 a.m. on MONDAY January 23, 2023After this deadline, leaves must be bagged for removal by the Town.