Town of Siler City Special Event Guidelines and Application

The Town of Siler City encourages private special events to both enrich the quality of life for our residents and to promote our community.


Festivals, performances, road races, parades, charity walks, and similar events that use Town streets, sidewalks, and any other town property and facilities, as well as Town services will require a Special Event Permit.


Procedures and Instructions

Special events applications take 45 days to process so applicants should apply 60 days before their intended event but may not apply more than 6 months prior to the event.


The Town of Siler City will work with the applicant to process the Special Events Permit Application.


Once the special application and supporting documentation is complete, please submit your application to:

Town Clerk Town of Siler City

PO Box 769

311 N Second Avenue

Siler City, NC 27344


All Special Events must be approved by the Town of Siler City Board of Commissioners.

If your application is not complete once submitted, it might delay approval of your special event permits.


Provide a detailed Site-Plan sketch of the event. Include maps, outline or diagram of the entire event venue including the names of all streets or areas that are part of the venue and the surrounding area. Include the following info (if applicable):

  1. Location of the event/activity on the property. Showing adjacent streets/roads and boundaries.

  2. Location of temporary structures that will be used during the event. Must indicate size of temporary structures, distances between temporary structures and existing buildings.

  3. Identify how each temporary structure will be used. Example: type of vendor, food preparation, alcohol sales, amplified sound, tents, portable toilets, etc.

  4. Identify location of all cooking devices and open flames (indicate type of cooking method (propane gas, electric, charcoal, catered, etc.).

  5. Location of all fencing, barricades, or other restrictions that will impair access to and from the event or property.

  6. Identify all designated parking areas (include handicapped accessible areas).

  7. Identify location of any generators and fuel storage.

  8. Location of fire hydrants.

  9. Location of first aid facilities.

  10. Location of generators and/or power sources.

  11. Location of garbage receptacles, Town trash bins and recycle rollouts.

  12. Event parking restrictions must be noted on site plan/route map.

  13. Describe planned arrangements to resolve conflicts with people trying to reach businesses, their own residences, places of worship and public facilities including public transportation.