Ordinance Enforcement

The Town's Ordinance Enforcement Officer regulates portions of the Town’s Code of Ordinances (Town Code) and the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO).  


The following items are addressed by the Town's Ordinance Enforcement Officer: 

  1. Outdoor Public Health Nuisances (Town Code Chapter 11 Article II)
  2. Abandoned, Nuisance, and Junked Motor Vehicles on private property (Town Code Chapter 15 Article VII)
  3. Minimum Housing (Town Code Chapter 8 Article IV)
  4. Minimum Nonresidential (Town Code chapter 8 Article VI)
  1. Trees and Shrubs (Appendix E) and Signs (Article XVII) within Sight Distance
  2. Single and Two-Family Residential Dwellings (UDO Article XI) - Maximum 40% built upon area, commercial vehicle parking, more than 4 vehicles in the front yard, parking on grass/dirt
  3. Parking Lot Lighting (UDO Article XIV)
  4. Spring Chicken Festival Preparation (All of the Above)
  5. Assigned House Number to be Posted (Town Code Chapter 8 Article 1)
  6. Permit Required (UDO Article IV)
    1. Substantial (1 acre or more) Clearing, Grading, and Excavation Without Zoning Permit
    2. Construction or Moving a Building/Structure Without Zoning Permit
  7. Table of Permissible Uses (UDO Article X)Sign Regulations (UDO Article XVII)
    1. Operating a Business in a Residential Zoning District
    2. Livestock, Chickens, etc


The following items are referred to and addressed by other agencies:

  1. Abandoned, Nuisance, and Junked Motor Vehicles on public property – Siler City Police (Town Code Chapter 15 Article VII) (919-742-5626)
  2. Yard Sales, Peddlers, Itinerant Merchants, and Specialty Markets (NCGS) – Siler City Police (919-742-5626)
  3. Basketball Goal in Street (Town Code Chapter 25) – Siler City Police (919-742-5626)
  4. Noise within the Corporate Limits (Town Code Chapter 16) – Siler City Police (919-742-5626)
  5. Motor vehicles parked on the street (Town Code Chapter 15 Article VI) – Siler City Police (919-742-5626)
  1. Solid Waste (Town Code Chapter 24) – Siler City Public Works (919-742-4732)
  2. Grease Trap Inspections (Town Code Chapter 27 Article 3) – Siler City Public Works (919-742-4732)
  3. Construction Without Building Permit (Town Code Chapter 8 Article II) – Chatham County Inspections (919-542-8230)
  4. Fire Prevention Code – Chatham County Fire Marshal (919-545-8342)
  5. Illegal Burning – Chatham County Fire Marshall and NC Forest Service (919-542-5739)
  6. Noise outside the Corporate Limits – Chatham County Sheriff (919-542-2811)
  7. Animal Control – Chatham County Animal Resources (919-542-7203)
  8. Well and Septic Problems – Chatham County Environmental Health (919-545-8310)
  9. Public Health Nuisances Outside of the Corporate Limits – Chatham County Environmental Health (919-545-8310)
  10. Illegal Dumping – Chatham County Waste Management (919-542-0502)
  11. Noncommercial signs located within the right-of-way of State maintained roads – NCDOT (919-742-3431)
  12. Off premise advertising along US 64/Eleventh Street, US 421, and Old 421 North/North Second Avenue (north of US 64) – Volkert, Inc. (919-854-0344) or NCDOT (919-742-3431)