Future Land Use Map
Draft Future Land Use Plan Map

Comprehensive Land Use Plan

Welcome to the project page for the Town of Siler City Comprehensive Land Use Plan Update project. This page provides information on the project and most importantly, provides updates on community engagement opportunities. Be sure to check back frequently throughout the project for the latest on how you can participate in the planning process!


What is a Comprehensive Plan?

A Comprehensive Plan outlines a town’s vision for its future with the policies and recommendations needed to achieve that vision. It guides land use policy, funding, resource distribution and infrastructure investment decisions for the Town of Siler City, its staff, and its governing bodies. It is created through an extensive planning process that prioritizes public engagement to capture the shared vision for Siler City. This Town of Siler City Comprehensive Plan will serve as an update to the 2017 Siler City Land Development Plan. It will incorporate existing planning documents such as the Siler City Pedestrian Master Plan and Downtown Plan.


A Comprehensive Plan includes a Future Land Use Map that depicts the intended development pattern for the next Town’s future. The map will be crafted to will help achieve the community’s vision for Siler City. It will also contain policy recommendations and suggestions for plans, programs and projects that address identified priorities. These recommendations will address an array of topics including: land use, housing, transportation, parks and recreation, public facilities, utility infrastructure, and more.


 The planning process is projected to take 12 months and end in early 2024, however this is subject to change. A current draft project schedule can be found on the Resources page linked below. 


Any questions or comments regarding the draft plan should be sent to Timothy Mack, Director of Planning, at tmack@silercity.org.