Board of Commissioners

The Mayor of Siler City is the highest elected official and serves as the presiding officer at Town Board meetings.  The Mayor is elected every two years.  The Siler City Board of Commissioners is composed of seven members, five of whom are elected from districts and two who are members-at-large.  Commissioners are elected to four-year, staggered terms so that all seven seats are not up for election at the same time.  The Mayor and Board of Commissioners are the main policy making body for the Town of Siler City. 




System Development Fees

“The Town of Siler City has prepared a System Development Fee Analysis as authorized by North Carolina General Statute Section 162A-205. This analysis was posted to the Town’s website on March 19, 2024, to initiate the 45-day comment period as required by North Carolina General Statute Section 162A-209.(a). To submit comments, please e-mail Town Clerk, Kimberly Pickard at”  The 45 day comment period will begin March 19, 2024 and end on Friday May 4, 2024.  The Town Board of Commissioners can conduct the required public hearing on Monday, May 6. 2024, as required by NCGS 162A-209.(b).